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“One of the best UK music magazines out there. Such a diverse range of musicians included online and in each (always packed) issue, with a real insight into the creative process that you won’t find elsewhere.”
Hannah Gould

Dear songwriter,

We’re determined to continue supporting songwriters everywhere and are dedicated to helping you on your songwriting journey – no matter what step you’re on. In order to do so, and to survive these challenging times for publishers and content providers, we’ve launched a brand new subscription service.

It’s now over a decade since we launched our website and digital magazine, and the only reason we’re still here is because of you, our readers and community. That is why we have put so much thought into how we can offer you genuine value for money.

Together, with your help, we’ll be able to provide even more of the content you already love plus a whole lot more. Each of the three plans offers exclusive benefits, and this is only the start.

All that’s left is for us to thank you for getting us to this point, we can’t wait to see you in our new Songwriting universe!

Aaron & Duncan, founders of Songwriting Magazine

Aaron Slater and Duncan Haskell

“A fantastic magazine for the budding or professional songwriter and performer. Love it’s geared to the industry by passionate writers… I look forward to every edition.”

Songwriting membership benefits


So far we’ve lined up discounts with MusicGurus, for their incredible online music courses, and Pro7ect, hosting retreats and masterclasses at the famous Rockfield Studios in Wales. There’s much more to come and serious savings to be had.


As well as the posts you’ll be able to enjoy on our new Steady homepage, we’ll also be posting some member-only content on the Songwriting Magazine website. All our subscribers will be able to peek behind the paywall.

“The site is consistently brilliant, and covers such a wide range. One day I hope to be featured too!”
Jonny Brick


Packed with interviews with songwriting giants, plus tips and technique features, our seasonal online magazine provides you with the inspiration and information you’ll need to improve your own songwriting.


Unlimited access to all of our back issues – so whether it’s Dolly Parton, Cat Stevens, James Taylor or Diane Warren, you can dip into advice from some of the very best songwriters of all time and plunder almost a decade’s worth of writing help. [Gold & Platinum members only]

“A great read for both songwriters and music fans in general… There was lots to read and it all felt helpful and instructive for anyone wanting to write songs or interested in the process.”


Songwriting Magazine the Podcast is here. These regular episodes will include masterclasses with established songwriters and the chance to put your queries to our help desk. We’ll also be showcasing your songs, so get submitting. [Gold & Platinum members only]


When we reach our goal, we will be able to realise a dream that we’ve had since we launched our website back in 2012. That’s right, a print edition of our magazine will be born and will be with you every quarter. [Platinum members only]

“Songwriting is pretty much the only mag I subscribe to, others I buy as and when.”

Songwriting Magazine print edition mockup

Songwriting Magazine print edition mockup


We want to showcase your songwriting and have created a new profile section on our website to do just that. As well as a short interview, there’ll be the chance to share your music and links to your own social pages/website etc. [Platinum members only]


Our top-tier subscribers will also be able to submit their own songs for feedback from the Songwriting Magazine editorial team, industry experts and professional songwriters. [Platinum members only]


The first 100 Platinum plan subscribers will receive a physical copy of our How I Wrote paperback book delivered to your door. Telling the story of over 40 much-loved hits from the 60s to the present day, as revealed by the songwriters themselves, it’s a chance to learn more about how your favourite songs were written and pick up some tips along the way. [Platinum members only]

“A must for all those interested in song writing. [How I Wrote is] a fresh and innovative approach to recording the song writing journey. Loved it!!!”

'How I Wrote...' paperback book

Songwriting Magazine presents… ‘How I Wrote’ paperback book

“[How I Wrote] is a wonderful little book, full of fascinating nuggets of songwriting and music trivia. It’s the kind of book you can turn to at random and be surprised at each turn… It would be a great gift or stocking filler for any discerning music fan.”

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