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Tim WheaterInternationally Acclaimed Composer, Flautist, Sound Healer:-

"Kath Reade brings a wonderful warm insight to her unique work with sound. Endowed with an extraordinary voice and healing sensitivity, her abilities are a gift for humanity."



Join Sound Healer/Singer Kath Reade on Gong Sound Baths, Shamanic Drumming Journeys, Meditations, and Sound Retreats...rest, relax, restore, and reach for your dreams ….. OM ……. beautiful instruments from across the world …… gongs, drums, Tibetan and pure crystal singing bowls, chimes, solfeggio tuned pipes, native American flute, & more create healing frequencies to leave you tingling with life force energy …… time to raise your vibrations! …………………


Latest News:-

·      Gong baths in Whitehaven and Dent

·      Click Here for details


Live Gong Sound Bath CD by Kath – Now Available!

Click here to order a copy (£10)   















Sound Relaxation – September 2015 Country House Retreat


“… It was rejuvenating, magical, divine, joyful”

“… I feel clear, connected and fully alive”

“… Kath is a genius. Can’t wait for the next one!” – retreatants’ comments




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